Event Planning

Events born from your ideas!

Luxury Life CH is a high-class event management service for lovers of the finest things in life, for people who savour extraordinary things, finesse and elegance, whether in groups or in an intimate setting.


Our team creates magical moments and memories that will last forever – you only need to look at people’s shining eyes to see how much they enjoyed it.

Above all else, we are a team of dream makers, who create emotions which cheer the soul and elevate the art of service to its very highest level.

Just to enjoy something for a minute, an hour or even a night, to look in people’s faces and see the enjoyment, to have their breath taken away or even to let a few tears of joy roll down their cheeks – that is the reaction that we aim to create with our unique events. Events full of joy and packed full of enjoyment, with never-to-be-forgotten moments… Luxury Life CH gives your private events a whole new dimension!


Luxury Life CH